You need to target market segments not market stereotypes

We all know what a stereotype is most of them are offensive, none of them are particularly useful but again and again businesses mistake them for segments

A stereotype is something where a group is labelled due to some individuals actions to the point that they are all painted with the same brush

A market segment is different because there is research data both qualitative and quantitate that back it up

If I say that all young people aged 18-30 care more about the environment than old people, that’s a stereotype

However, if I say that a small subset of young people aged 18-30 have shown they are more environmentally conscious and I have data to back this finding up then it is a segment

With segments you might start with a hypothesis and then test to see if the data supports it

Or you might start with the data and then find different segments within it

Whichever method you pick you need to have a clear strategy for researching the market and analysing the data

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