“Help, I’m Terrible at Selling Myself”

One of the most often repeated issues creators struggle with is actually selling their product or service, usually for the reason above.

You might love your craft but feel guilty actually asking people for money.

The issue might not actually be the selling though.

It might be that you’ve made your business too personal!

If you were asked to sell someone else’s goods and services you could probably make a good go of it even if you aren’t a natural sales person but when it comes to selling things you have created you get all up in your head about it.

The solution for this can be quite easy: de-personalise your business.

Or even go one step further, create your own business alter ego who sells on your behalf (hint, it’s actually you!).

When you wrap your own self worth up in your business and yourself you run the risk of either over valuing or devaluing what you do.

Ideally, you want to be able to charge the price the market is willing to pay and not feel guilt – not what you feel it should be worth!

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