Prioritise Customer Service Not Sales

As a small business you might see both sales and a customer service as costs with sales being the more necessary of the two if you need to trim the budget or chose where to invest your available time or resources. 

This might be a mistake. 

Firstly, both customer service and sales should be seen as an investment with an expected return for the business rather than a cost (other than when viewed from an accountants perspective). 

Secondly, provided your marketing strategy supports it customer service can provide a better more stable return than investing in sales. 

This benefits your business in a number of ways but a couple of key ones are:

  • Reducing customer churn, with better customer service you are likely to figure out problems and solve them quicker to keep your customers happy with the product or service. Making things right for your customers will go along way to building trust in your brand and also support a word of mouth marketing campaign as they tell their friends and peers about the brilliant service they received. 
  • Information Sharing, when you’ve a high quality customer service programme backed up with a quality information dispersion platform (this can be low tech or high tech) you can take the issues, use cases, bugs and get the right people onto fixing them and therefore improving your product. A customer service interaction can also be a gold mine of information for marketers, sales people and strategists as they look at the positioning of the existing offerings and bringing new offerings to market. 

Beyond this there numerous other reason to invest in high quality customer service and most businesses will benefit from improving theirs, so why not today look at how you can make yours better and integrate it more through all aspects of your operations.

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