Does your business even need to be on social media?

Most business owners start out and one of the first things they do is get set up on social media to: “market their services”

This is all well and good and they might get some traction from this, but it leaves out some key steps in effective marketing strategy

There are three key steps you need to move through before you even start to get into tactical things like setting up social media accounts

We’ve talked about them before but a quick recap:

Firstly, SEGMENTATION – analysing your prospective market and identifying the groups who will be most likely to purchase and use your product or service

Second, you are going to plan how to plan how to TARGET those segments most effectively

Third, you will develop a POSITIONING plan to identify how you want your brand to be perceived by the targeted segments.

Only once you have developed this strategy can you begin to ask the question about which tactical communication channels are best.

Because whilst organic social might be a tactic you need to use (maybe not) you might be better investing in paid social or direct marketing strategies

But you can’t know which will be most effective without having the strategy in place to help you answer those questions

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