If You Want To Make The Sale, Use Simple Emails.

There is a lot of buzz about email newsletters again as they’ve had a huge resurgence and a lot of the publishers getting acquired such as the hustle or morning brew.

This is important because it proves the efficacy of the platform for connection with customers and building brands.

The one wrinkle for small business owners is that many of these big newsletters are using the email as a media properties with large writing teams and lots of information with the goal of building a brand and engagement.

This objective differs from how most small businesses should use email with their customers.

Most small businesses should be using email to try and make a sale with their customers.

To do this the best template a small business owner should be using in their email marketing campaigns is a very simple all text email with generally one link in each.

The reason for only including one link is that I shows customers the action you want them to take *usually to check out and buy whatever it is you are selling.

Simple emails work well because they show they are coming from a real human as opposed to some bot or automated system and they have improved deliverability rates which enhances the chances of the customer actually getting to read them.

Most importantly when you create a simple email you focus more on making sure that the content of the email is correct rather than worrying about what stylish design to use or not use or how it will look on a variety of email clients.

So, if email is part of your marketing strategy make sure you trash the fancy template full of links (unless you are doing it to build a media property) and just write some really effective text.

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