The Three Steps To Avoid Sh*t Advertising

How often have you seen a marketing slogan or mission statement plastered on the side of a van, lorry or in the lobby of a company and thought what does that even mean?

Lets see if you can guess what you think this company does:

“Be more. Delivery More. Expect More.”

Any idea?

Temperature Controlled logistics.

No we didn’t think that you’d get that.

Theres too many businesses caught up in their own little world so much that they don’t realise that most customers don’t care about this sort of thing and slogans like that are maybe just an internal thing *if even.

The key to creating good advertising isn’t just about conveying what you want to say, it’s about motivating customers to purchase.

Not forgetting that everything you put out into the world is marketing. Even (especially) the stuff you put on the side of your vans.

Leo Burnett created a simple test any of your marketing should need to pass before you put it out into the world:

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.”

Leo Burnett

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