You need to find the smallest dedicated audience that will sustain your business

Coined by Kevin Kelly the idea of 1000 true fans says that if you have 1000 people who seek your work out and purchase everything you create a small business can be sustained

This is special because it means you don’t need one million followers to be successful, you just need to find the smallest audience that will buy from you regularly and make your business sustainable

You can ignore all those who aren’t relevant to your market segment and embrace those who like and purchase what you have to offer

You don’t need to average out your offering to appeal to the masses but being more niche might actually increase your sales

This is why subscription models have become so prevalent as it lets creators know they have a certain number of customers who pay month in and month out for what they have to offer

It is this consistency is what takes the pressure off chasing the next sale that lets creators make more stuff and make it better

So why not identify your smallest viable audience to sustain your business and find a monthly offering you could bring to market that they would be willing to pay for?

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