Are you using social proof to get new customers?

Maybe you don’t know what social proof is but put simply it’s the process of using the fact that other people have purchased (and had a positive experience) a product or service to put the new buyers minds at ease.

This is generally done through using testimonials or reviews on websites / review sites.

But it can equally be done for getting email sign up’s or making purchases with statements such as:

“Join the 10059 other smart people who have made the switch to …[insert product]


“Don’t be left out be one of the 30405 business professionals who get our daily email, sign up below”

The second example even uses the tactic of loss aversion which we have written about before as prospective new customers might feel left out or left behind if they don’t go ahead and sign up.

Social proof is a powerful tool but the one critique is when it’s testimonials on a website some astute buyers will know that it’s only the good statements put up there and they might not even be real at all! But I think it’s better to have them (and include a photo and a website link to the real person / business if it’s possible) as they will work more than they won’t.

Maybe include a testimonial where things potentially went a bit wrong and you fixed it to show that it’s not just the perfect reviews that go up but also shows how your customer service goes the extra mile when things don’t go to plan!

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