Your making a mistake if your marketing always feels like your pitching!

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburne

Companies or people who are always pitching might seem like they are making more money and yes they might be selling a lot, but they likely miss out on sales when they aren’t selling.

This might seem counter intuitive but when you don’t invest in brand building and have to go for the hard sell in your marketing and your sales team you might succeed at that but requires there to always be effort to make the sale either through marketing or the sales force.

Switch those off and the revenue dries up. You’ll always be chasing your tail hustling for sales and revenue.

The alternative is to invest in brand building through your sales and marketing.

With a brand people know, like and trust you can start to make sales even when you are not selling.

When you’ve a brand people can start to talk about it to their peers and friends, something they aren’t likely to do when you’ve to make the hard sell every time you want to move product or service.

With a brand and consumers are faced with your product on a shop shelve then they may have preference towards it even without a sales person to sell it.

Building your brand doesn’t have to cost the earth it just depends how wide you want to cast the net on brand awareness, if you want a brand that is well known within a 5 mile radius of your store then that’s much cheaper than building a global brand, either way though it is worth the investment.

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