Is this why you can’t get customers?

If you are struggling to get customers you probably have one of two problems:

  1. You are not communicating the problem you solve clearly to your target customers so that they want to take action and buy your solution.
  2. Your business doesn’t solve a problem that customers need solved or has enough available customers willing to pay for that solution.

The first problem is a lot easier to solve than the second. Clarifying your messaging and marketing strategy can be done with some hard work and quality research into your customers in a short space of time.

If it’s the latter your business is struggling with then you might need to look at either finding an alternative business to be in or you need to serve the smaller market better so that you capture more sales from a smaller pool of potential options.

Both problems can be solved, knowing which problem you have can make a big difference when it comes to pivoting your business.

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