Celebrate your business dead ends

You’ve probably been there in your small business journey, probably more than once.

You toil and toil over a project or maybe an entire business and it turns out to be a dead end. The revenue just isn’t there like you thought it would be – or worse your initial market research didn’t pan out.

You probably felt pretty deflated or worse… but you shouldn’t this is just another point of market research that can be celebrated as learning (as long as you followed the affordable losses principle!).

With this new information you pick yourself up and move on to the next stage of pivoting your business until you find something that does work – rather than focusing on something that might be seen as failure.

Taking this stance of learning rather than failure is an important mindset shift and sometimes difficult to remember but it can detach you from the personal feelings that can hold founders back.

Business is distinctly personal at times but it’s not about you as a person, learning from something working out is a very different thing from you or your business being a failure.

So take the market research you’ve got from the experience and move on and build something better with what you’ve learned!

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