Specialising In Your Business Is Key To Growing A Distinctive Brand.

Sometimes moving your business into a lucrative market to make money can make sense and if somethings adjacent to what you do then why not give it a go.

This might not be the best in every situation.

Take the example of the local handy man who was advertising “gardening services, house clearances and dump runs”.

This all makes sense, everything to do with keeping your house in good order and free of clutter.

Only he also offered: “Bouncy castle and hot tub hire”

This begs the question do people who are getting their clutter and waste removed also want the same person to cater to their kids birthday party entertainment or special occasions?

It might have seemed a legitimate additional avenue of income for the small business but the owner would have likely got more uptake if he had started a separate business branded & messaging solely around events and parties rather than being a jack of all trades.

It’s not just small business owners making this mistake either, think about Tesco and M&S having to shutter their banking devisions with the exception of their store credit cards.

It turns out the convenience of being able to bank when people were doing their grocery shopping wasn’t enough to overcome the fact that most people didn’t want the person selling them leeks and toilet paper to be managing their money for them.

So as a small business owner to have strong messaging focus on your specialism not just on anything that you think could make you a bit of money in the sort term.

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