What Do You Do When You’ve Tried Everything And Nothings Working?

Maybe you are in this spot where you’ve gone into business for yourself and everything’s gone well to start off with.

You make early sales and things are looking good but you quickly realise you’ll need to sell much more product to be able to pay yourself the same salary you were getting in your job.

So you being ‘marketing’ your product aggressively and trying every trick in the book you can see online.

Your posting to social media 3x per day with different types of content, it’s hard but you post anything you think of.

You are business fiddling with your sites SEO in the hope to try and move up the search ranking.

Maybe you’ve even started paying a local marketing agency to do some of this for you too…

But none of its working you’ve no new followers on social media, or sales to show for all your posting.

Your ranking well for search terms on google but no one is actually using them and you marketing agency doesn’t have much to show for the money you’ve paid them.

So what do you do in this scenario?

Rewind back to the start in your excitement to get started you forgot to spend some time developing a quality marketing strategy that would have told you what you now know through wasted money, time and effort.

So, at this point in time you need to take a breath and take some time out – get away from all the busyness of posting and the endless social media treadmill and create a marketing strategy that can guide your small business.

It’ll tell you things like what you need to price your product at in order to be profitable but also what customers are willing to pay (you’ll need to get out and observe or interview customers to find this out), you’ll know how and where to communicate your value proposition to your customers – rather than just posting on social media organically because that’s what you see other businesses doing.

Most of all it’ll let you work through the problems before you actually encounter them, only on paper rather in real life, where it’s much cheaper and easier to make pivots in order to be successful!

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