Stop Trying To Make “Cool” Marketing Campaigns

Too many small businesses spend inordinate amounts of time trying to create marketing campaigns that they want to be perceived as ‘cool’

This ultimately begs the question though:

Cool to who?

To the business owner? Thats pointless unless they are in the target customer segment.

To the marketing agency? Again unless everyone working there is in the target segment that’s ultimately pointless.

To Karen on twitter? You guessed it – pointless, unless she’s in your target segment.

The problem with creating marketing that chases any of these descriptors or ‘metrics’ is they are subjective and everyone will have a different perception of them.

That’s before we even get in to the fact that due to the fragmentation of culture there is very little that is universally true across a range of backgrounds or cultures, so to have a piece of marketing that resonates in this way with as wide an audience as in the past is more and more complex.

So, instead of chasing what’s cool for a wide audience and probably failing, why not find out what is cool to your own niche audience and serve marketing to them that will be perceived as really cool!

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