Set Better Marketing Strategy Goals

As a small business owner who has taken the time to create a marketing strategy you’ve probably been tempted to google the types of strategic goals you should be setting for your business and then copying and pasting them into your strategy.

The problem with this is that a strategic goal should only be applicable to your business. (HT Ian Barnard).

If you can take someone else’s goal and have it seem reasonable in your business it’s not specific enough to actually be strategic.

When you’ve done the hard work of segmenting, targeting and positioning you shouldn’t let it all go to waste by having a nonsense set of strategic goals that ultimately mean nothing.

With the information you’ve gathered in the previous steps of creating a marketing strategy you should be able to identify 2 – 3 goals that will help galvanise your marketing efforts and measure if you have been successful when you come to the review stage.

Creating quality goals should not be an afterthought but an integral step of your marketing strategy process.

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