How to Get Paid To Market Your Business

Marketing doesn’t always have to sit in the cost column of your profit and loss.

If you build your business right and carve out the right niche with your product and communications you can actually develop opportunities to get paid to market.

Take the example of The Property Brothers, like many of the contributors to HGTV they get paid to star in their own show on the network which brings them their first source of revenue.

But this isn’t their main line of business, full time they get paid for home remodels or as a real estate agent.

Being on the TV show not only gets them paid but it also markets their main businesses by growing their following.

You might not be able to get a deal with a satellite tv network to grow your business but with some thought about where your ideal customers are you can discover options to get paid to market your business.

For most small businesses having an entry level product that you get paid for is a great method for selling higher priced items once you’ve developed the relationship with your customers.

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