Everyone Has The Need To Belong – Here’s How You Use It To Your Advantage!

Since the Stone Age man has desired to be part of a tribe, to belong to something.

This comes from the need for safety and security, interdependence, self-esteem and the opportunity to love and be loved.

For small businesses they often forget to include a sense of belonging in their marketing positioning.

Some big businesses use the tactics excellently, think about sports teams selling replica jerseys or brands like Harley Davidson that has fans tattooing the logo onto themselves.

Or what about airlines handing out different levels of frequent flyer cards.

All of these actions help people feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves.

It helps give meaning to their daily lives.

In fact Victor Frankel identifies belonging to a group as on of the three key elements of helping humans achieve meaningful lives.

So for your small business why not spend some time figuring out how to help your customers feel like they belong to something when they buy from you.

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