Stop trying to please everyone

The biggest thing you can do to make sure your business is going to fail is to try and please everyone.

With this option you won’t please anyone.

Most businesses aspire to become ‘the normal kind’ which usually means something like becoming McDonalds which for fast food probably could be seen as ‘the normal kind’.

But even McDonalds as big and financially successful as it is, isn’t liked by everyone.

They cater to a large population and cross section of the market but they don’t cater to everyone.

You probably won’t become ‘the normal kind’ for the whole population or even a whole demographic within a market.

But you can become ‘the normal kind’ for those within your target segment.

Do you provide home renovation services for people looking for a premium finish where they can be totally hand’s off on the project? Then you can likely develop your marketing to the point where you become ‘the normal kind’ for that segment.

You won’t however become ‘the normal kind’ for the person who wants to be hugely involved in the process and cut costs to suit a lower budget, mostly because through your marketing strategy you will have made choices about how your business operates and who you are targeting to the point that your value proposition won’t make sense to those from a different segment.

And you know what? That’s a good thing, as long as you have appropriately identified which of the target segments you want to go after and followed the correct process in getting there!

So, do that work and stop pleasing no-one whilst trying to please everyone.

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