The Toothpaste Problem

Toothpaste has a wide range of features from protecting teeth and gums to whitening them and freshening breath.

But it also has the problem that while nearly everyone will buy the product, all the products seem the same.

They all promise the same features to their customers who will get essentially the same benefit regardless of which brand they use.

This essentially makes toothpaste a commodity product, except for any work the marketers do to establish and maintain a brand and keep it ‘famous’ to their customers.

If you think about it, why do you buy the brand of toothpaste you buy – likely it’s the same one you’ve always bought and you started buying it because it was the one you’d heard of.

So if you are a small businesses competing with a commodity product you will need to use marketing to create that fame in customers minds so when they want to make the purchase they think of your product.

This doesn’t just apply to consumer goods like toothpaste but any category where there is very little differentiation of benefits between products or services, from house cleaners to coffee shops.

When a product or service does what it’s supposed to, then marketing is required to create that differentiation through fame in the customers mind.

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