What’s at the top of your funnel?

With a well researched marketing strategy you’ll be able to populate your marketing funnel pretty easily.

But one important mistake that a lot of small business owners is not clearly defining their top of funnel actions.

Usually they just think that they will do everything and hope that something sticks on down the funnel.

The problem with this is that due to limited resources and time you don’t do anything well and fail to build on the connections you could be making with potential target customers.

Instead using their marketing strategy small businesses should be defining which actions they will take to get people into the top of their funnel but also equally important they need to define what they won’t do.

This might be appearing on podcast interviews (if thats where your customers are) or using targeted out of home advertising (billboards etc.) or maybe its just Facebook and google advertising.

After all it makes sense to sponsor the park benches in a dog park if you run a brand that dog owners might buy from.

Or to sponsor kids sports teams if your target customers are likely parents or grand parents (they are the ones watching kids sports).

Whatever it is, make sure it’s strategic and not just aiming for everything and hitting nothing.

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