The art of the tripwire…

Are you using a tripwire in your marketing promotions?

No not a physical wire to capture people but a metaphorical one that does the same thing.

It can take a variety of different forms from a low priced or free high value offer to entice customers in and then build trust (or more negatively inertia)

Or it can be a low initial price with a higher recurring payment (and your best sales people on the cancellation phone line working on retention rather than adding new customers)

Whilst this might seem negative if you aren’t delivering for your customers but when taken in a more positive light it’s a great way to build loyalty or brand preference and then continue to deliver value to those customers.

This isn’t an endorsement of tricking customers into staying or shady tactics aimed at keeping them.

More a call to think about how you can use promotions to let customers try your offering and then communicate why it’s worth the higher cost on down the line.

It equally could be that you keep the initial offering the same price for the length that they keep buying it but that you have other things you can upsell to them along the way as add ons or new products.

What’s your promotional tripwire going to be?

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