The Best Free Marketing You Are Missing Out On…

As a small business you are probably missing out on some great marketing that can either be got for free or for a very low investment. 

It’s also from the least likely of places: Unboxing.

People don’t think of anything other than the outside of packing as marketing but again and again successful brands have turned taking the new product out of the box into an event. 

So much so, fans of the brand have even been known to share their experience on social media and YouTube videos to their audience as they share their excitement and wonder and the quasi religious experience of taking something out of a box.

Whilst the packaging of many of these products might cost a bit more and be more like jewellery store packaging than something from another category, the small investment in upgrading your packaging will be worth it in the return you get from the free marketing.

These changes don’t have to be big either, it might be down to adding a hand written note into each order that is written by yourself or one of your team (yes, this can scale just ask or it could be throwing in a small extra gift with each order. 

Any of these things that might surprise a customer will make it enough for them to tell their friends about the positive experience they had rather than just sharing any negatives. 

As a small business owner you are close enough to your customers to be able to easily create these ‘wow’ experiences for a relatively low cost so why not make it a key part of your marketing strategy today!

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