Do You Know The Real Cost Of An Unhappy Customer?

You have probably thought about the cost of returns to your business, there’s both the shipping and processing costs of customer returns.

If the goods are able to be resold there’s the cost of restocking and shelf space as you hold the inventory.

If the goods are faulty then you have to dispose of or recycle them and potentially provide a refund or replacement item to the customer.

These are huge costs to the business.

But have you ever thought about what all this costs your customers.

Studies have shown that the amount of customers that will actually contact a business when they have a problem is incredibly low.

Equally around half of customers who have a problem with a product or service wouldn’t buy from that company again.

Even if there isn’t a problem and a customer has to make a return are you making it easy?

Do they only get store credit? Or is it impossible to return an item in the same manner they bought it?

If you offer 1-2 clicks to sign up or purchase a product, wouldn’t it make sense to let the customers return with 1 to 2 clicks?

While it might cost you a lot of money to process returns and refunds, it might cost you more not to make the process seamless and give the customer a great experience whilst they are doing it.

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