What Is Marketing?

There’s a lot of noise out in the world about what marketing actually is.

Maybe you have preconceived ideas yourself, formed by a misunderstanding or mis-information from self described gurus who make money off trying to sell easy fixes or their own ‘new concept’.

The best way to think about marketing is to actually think about it in terms of another business area & employee: Accounts & Accountants.

Accountants are responsible for everything to do with the business accounting.

And Marketers & Marketing is responsible for everything that touches the market.

Thats from the marketing communications & advertising, the product, the pricing, the customer service etc. etc.

To name all the areas marketing should be thinking about would make for a very long list but often marketing is pigeon holed into just the area of advertising or worse just social media.

If you are a marketer (even just as the sole entrepreneur in a small business) you need to think much more broadly as you make your decisions and begin the task of creating a brand for your small business.

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