Don’t be confused about what you sell!

Too many small business owners think about their product or service too logically.

If they make cakes and sell them they might think they are just providing something that tastes good that people enjoy.

This might be true but if they think only this then they are miss the next layer of why people buy them:

  • For the feeling of happiness
  • Because of Birthday’s or other special family events
  • It could be for social status to be seen to be buying a certain cake.
  • To make a fuss over someone special

Unless you make cake to sell the reasons above aren’t really that important it’s the principle behind them.

People very rarely buy discretionary products for their utility.

“In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.” — Peter Nivio Zarlenga

Once you know what it is you are really selling then you can change and adapt your marketing accordingly.

Just don’t get stuck in the trap of selling the what you produce but look at why the customer is buying!

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