What reason do you give your potential customers to take notice of you?

It’s more important than you might think!

No one will find your business more interesting than you do and it’s really hard for anyone to take notice

Think about it everyone is inundated with marketing messages all day every day and when you just produce ‘content’ then people will likely ignore it

So when you are creating anything that you want your customers to take notice of you need to give them a reason to care

This might be through utility, entertainment, concern it will usually depend on the value proposition you offer your customer

But even before that you need some form of hook, to catch their attention

It could be an email subject line, a video title or the headline of an article for digital products

For physical goods it could be your sales space, the packing you use or the imagery you use in your marketing

So as you create your marketing strategy ensure that you have developed appropriate hooks that will resonate with your potential customers

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