Don’t Try And Win Every Transaction!

As a small business owner it might seem seductive to try and squeeze as much as possible out of every area of your business.

Perhaps this is with your suppliers trying the push the price as low as possible or with customers trying to skimp on the customer service or charge a higher price than is reasonable.

In the short term this might work out, especially if you have infinite customers and infinite suppliers available.

But the reality is, when tomorrow comes you will still need to do deals with customers and purchase from your suppliers so if you burn them today they won’t be there for you tomorrow.

You can’t ‘win’ in a transaction this way. The only real way to win is to make a profit and stay in business for another day.

So, instead of trying to win at all costs why not leave a little something ‘on the table’ when you make deals and make sure that there’s still customers and suppliers there to make deals the next time you need to.

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