Scalable Marketing Is NOT the only way!

Don’t get obsessed with marketing that scales, the alternative might prove just as lucrative

There’s a mindset currently in marketing and business generally that everything has to scale to provide the 10x return

But this isn’t always the best strategy to go for, at least not every time and maybe not as you are trying to get traction in your business

Perhaps you might be trying to establish a minimal viable audience and you start with cold calls of writing sales letters to specific people – both of these options don’t scale

They do however provide you with a one to one connection with a prospect and that can give you valuable qualitative feedback about your offering that you might not get from a scale based tactic

Equally when you are starting out your budget will be much smaller and methods that don’t scale generally are more affordable as they only cost the entrepreneurs time

Using these methods that don’t scale you can build up an audience that then will help you scale some of your methods down the line

At the start it might feel like you are trying to win one customer at a time and that’s probably the most accurate way to think about it

But over time if done correctly your strategy will change from seeking out individuals to targeting whole segments as your budget, team or resources changes and adaptS when your business grows

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