Finding The Small Business Marketers Holy Grail

Much like the coveted mythical chalice that offers eternal life the small business marketers holy grail offers a sort of eternal life to the businesses that can make it work.

Only it’s not so much a physical thing that can be discovered but a way of building your business that encourages it.

What is this holy grail then? It’s the word of mouth flywheel.

Or put simply, having a product or service your customers will freely tell other people about.

When customers tell enough other people some of those people will undoubtedly try the product or service and then like it enough to tell others and before you know it you’ve developed a sort of flywheel that moves faster or further with very little input from the small business marketer.

If you can get to this point through a quality product offering, communicated in the right way, at the right price point and in the right location then essentially your business is set for like (hence the holy grail analogy).

It’s easy written down like that on the screen but actually putting all those component parts into place is extremely difficult.

That’s even before you start to think about building the marketing flywheel – probably why so few small business ever pursue the goal long enough to get to that point.

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