How to use ‘wow’ experiences to market your business.

With each new customer you’ve the opportunity not only to make the sale (and hopefully make a little bit of profit).

But also the opportunity to make their experience of your product or service so good that they come back again and again and they tel their friends about it.

This might seem like a small detail but if you treat every interaction with a customer or potential customer like this then you will be able to grow your business with relatively low advertising costs.

Your marketing costs might stay the same if you count the extra cost involved in serving customers well.

But this puts the accounting in the proper place.

You can race to be bottom and serve your customers to exactly the point where you just meet expectations and no more.

Or you can raise expectations and over-serve your customers to levels unheard of in your product category.

This might look like a no frills airline offering passengers a small inflight snack or the fancy tea or coffee served in a high end barber shop or salon.

It could be when an e-commerce store throws in a small treat or note with each order or upgrading a customer to a premium level experience at an event.

These details don’t have to cost you much more but because they aren’t the norm elsewhere you can wow your customers and they will likely tell their friends, colleagues and family members about the great experience they had.

The one caveat you have to be aware of with this is that when you start offering these special extras your customer will begin to expect them so you can’t take them away or you will create the opposite effect.

Equally there’s also a ratchet once they expect this from your business the wow effect quickly wears off and you’ll have to continue to add new things to the experience to build on what you’ve done already and stand out from the competition – who will likely copy you because they will see all the new customers you are getting!

Wowing your customers might seem simple but to do it well takes commitment for the long haul and to totally orientate your business around this idea.

But if it’s for you, it can be one of the most rewarding forms of marketing.