You Can’t Outsource Your Way Out of Trouble

Often when talking to a small business owner you’ll hear the same old gripes; “I’m not good with IT” or “I can’t do marketing” or “I don’t like managing my accounts” and a personal favourite – “I don’t like quoting for work”

Usually this business person has become an entrepreneur either by accident or because they wanted to fund their creative hobby or lifestyle.

Maybe they are great at wood working and producing ornate dining room furniture.

Or perhaps they love to teach piano.

But in any of these cases they don’t actually love the process of being in business.

The sad reality is, if you want to be an entrepreneur and run your own business you have to at least understand these thing and often you have to do these things because if you are going to outsource them you’ll need to be able to manage that process or risk losing a lot of money.

Or if you are too small you likely won’t be able to afford to outsource them.

As a small business entrepreneur, you have to be able to be a jack of all trades or risk losing clients because the operations of you business can’t keep up with customer demand or you have no demand because you just want to create and not be involved in the nitty gritty of business.

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